solidThinking Activate 2017.3.4619

solidThinking Activate 2017.3.4619 | 454.1 mb
solidThinking, Inc., a leading provider of industrial design software, announced the release of Activate 2017.3. This software enables product creators, system simulation and control engineers with a block diagram environment to model, simulate and optimize multidisciplinary systems.

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Digital Film Tools FilmStocks 3.0

Digital Film Tools FilmStocks 3.0 (x64) | 36 MB
Film Stocks is a unique filter that simulates 329 different color and black and white still photographic film stocks, motion picture films stocks and historical photographic processes. Using our experience in creating special effects for hundreds of feature films as well as expertise in film scanning and recording techniques, we have laboriously researched and analyzed different film stocks to come up with a set of interesting analog photographic, motion picture and vintage looks. Make any digital image look interesting by applying some of our film magic.

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Reallusion Character Creator 2.2.2314.1

Reallusion Character Creator 2.2.2314.1 (x64) | 1.26 GB
Character Creator (CC) is an amazing add-on tool for iClone that can create realistic looking, animation-ready 3D human characters for use with iClone and other 3D tools. Unique character designs are created through the use of shape morphs, customizable high-resolution skin textures, and outfits with clothing containing your own fabric designs.

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Microsoft Windows 10 10.0.16299.64 v1709 x64 Ru-En [10 in 1]
Microsoft Windows 10 10.0.16299.64 v1709 x64 Ru-En [10 in 1] | 4.41 GB

The assembly of popular versions of Windows 10 with updates to November based on the original MSDN images is not a VL activation channel. no changes were made to the images of the systems. Installation is standard. activators on the desktop if auto-activation does not work.
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Digital Film Tools reFine 2.0v12

Digital Film Tools reFine 2.0v12 (x64) | 32.9 MB
reFine presents a new technique for performing selective sharpening, detail enhancement, edge aware smoothing, cartoon and pencil effects. Using high-quality edge preserving filtering of still and moving images, there are considerable speedups and memory savings over existing methods. Our approach decomposes the image into three detail layers: Coarse, medium and fine. Each of the detail layers can be manipulated separately in various ways, for instance, sharpening or smoothing. Add to that sophisticated, but easy to use masking and you have quick isolation of image features for selective filtering.

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Acme CAD Converter 2018 v8.9.8.1472

Acme CAD Converter 2018 v8.9.8.1472 Multilingual | 7.8 Mb
Acme CAD Converter is a power bacth DWG converter, it can convert DWG DXF and DWF files into PDF, BMP, GIF, JPEG, WMF, PCX, TIFF, PNG, TGA, DXF, DWG, SVG, SVGZ, CGM, EPS, HPGL(PLT,HGL) etc., and also supports the conversion between DWG and DXF file versions (AutoCAD R2.5-R2012). Supports replacing missing font file. Supports bacth transmit command like AutoCAD,and batch recover drawing files. It can export layers information into the PDF file and it allows you export OLE entity and raster entity into PDF file, Supports 3D objects Hidden line removal. Supports user-defined Watermark.

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Digital Film Tools DFT 1.0.3

Digital Film Tools DFT 1.0.3 (x64) | 188 MB
DFT (aka Digital Film Tools) is the definitive digital toolbox meant to simulate optical camera filters, specialized lenses, film stocks and grain, lens flares, optical lab processes, color correction, keying, and compositing as well as natural light and photographic effects.

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SAP PowerDesigner 16.6 SP04

SAP PowerDesigner 16.6 SP04 | 1.3 Gb
SAP AG, multinational software corporation that makes enterprise software to manage business operations and customer relations, has released an update to SAP PowerDesigner 16.6. This solution helps you manage complex information architectures and visualize the potential impact of new technologies-before you implement them.

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Album DS 11.3.0 (x64) Multilingual

Album DS 11.3.0 (x64) Multilingual | 414.6 Mb
Album DS is an album design software compatible with Adobe Photoshop CS to CC 2017. It works integrated in Photoshop allowing for the creation of any photographic album or collage like invitations, posters, thanks giving cards, promos, senior and babies, communion, baptism albums, and of course it makes wedding album design easy but staying out of the crowd with your own style.

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Brüel & Kjær TEST for I-DEAS 6.6

Brüel & Kjær TEST for I-DEAS 6.6 | 2.8 Gb
Test for I-deas sine processing software modules measures the response of a structure due to sine excitation to create spectra, auto-spectra, spectral matrices, or FRFs. The measurements can be for single or multiple reference measurements depending on the software module you have acquired.

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Will Durant, Ariel Durant - The Age of Napoleon: A History of European Civilization from 1789 to 1815
MJF Books | 1997 | ISBN: 1567310222 | English | 1115 pages | PDF | 3.94 MB
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Vero Edgecam 2018 R1

Vero Edgecam 2018 R1 (x64) | 3.31 GB
Edgecam is a market leading computer aided manufacturing (CAM) system for NC part programming. With unparalleled ease of use and sophisticated toolpath generation, it's the only CAM system you'll need for milling, turning and mill-turn machining. Edgecam utilises your in house knowledge and experience to drive the CAM process with automation tools to suit different applications - allowing you to maintain your competitive edge.

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The Moores Are Missing - James Patterson
English | 2017 | 496 Pages | ISBN: 1478971630 | EPUB | 665.6 KB
THE MOORES ARE MISSING with Loren D. Estleman: The Moore family just vanished from their home without telling a soul. A last-minute vacation? A kidnapping? A run for their lives? You'll never see the truth coming.
THE HOUSEWIFE with Sam Hawken: Maggie Denning is a former chief detective adjusting to a quiet life in the suburbs with her family. But when the woman next door is found brutally murdered, Maggie starts investigating - everyone's a suspect. Even her own husband
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A New Strategy for Complex Warfare :
Combined Effects in East Asia

by Thomas A. Drohan
English | 2016 | ISBN: 1604979208 | 326 Pages | PDF | 2.6 MB
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EMWorks HFWorks 2017 SP0.2

EMWorks HFWorks 2017 SP0.2 | 374.0 mb
ElectroMagneticWorks, Inc. has released an updated (SP0.2) EMWorks HFWorks 2017. This is a major new release of the software that incorporates several new features at the meshing and pre-processing, solving and post-processing levels.

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