CM - Cinematic Effect Lightroom Presets 2025064


Professional Lightroom Presets: Cool Cinematic Effect contains 50 lightroom presets. These Lightroom presets were designed to speed up your workflow and bring high caliber creative looks to your photography. The Pack contains Cinematic Effect, Film effect and some extra effects from me. Each Lightroom preset has been crafted with care to look great with a wide variety of images, with a single click. You can have a stylized image that evokes an emotional response from viewers.
Why Cool Cinematic Pack The Importance of Great Editing: My Lightroom Presets are guaranteed to give you gorgeous edits. My Products are Natural & Professional.
There are some examples where presets are applied!
  • Fully adjustable
  • Enhance your images with just one click!
  • Instruction ( How to use Lightroom Presets )
  • Works on RAW and JPEG images
  • Compatible with both Mac and PC
  • Extended license automatically included
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CM - Film Burn & Grain Overlay Effect 1974724

Suitable for both amateurs and professionals. Excellent results on color and black and white photos. For your convenience, the added actions for selecting and overlaying overlays in the Screen mode. This will work both in Photoshop and in Photoshop Elements. The Film Burn & Grain Overlays can be used in any graphics editor, which supports layer overlay in the Screen mode.
If you want to enhance the overlay brightness, for example on a light photo, change the blend mode to Linear Dodge (add)
  • 52 Film Burn & Grain Overlays JPG 3000x2000
  • Overlay Actions.atn
  • User Guide.pdf
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CM - Intense Black & White Actions 2005618


Intense Black & White Actions is a set of 5 different single-click actions. Just open an image, select your action and click on play. There's a different action for all types of images. Just try it out! You'll be amazed of the results!
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50 Black & White Photoshop Actions Bundle

50 Black & White Photoshop Actions Bundle
1 ATN | Png preview | CS3+ | 13,7 Mb

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CM - Sketch Art Photoshop Action 369141


Sketch Art Photoshop Action – realistic painting sketchy effect without any painting skills in just few minutes! Great time saver when you need client work to be done or make a gift for a friend or just for the personal use and fun!. Works with Photoshop CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6. CC. English Photoshop.
  • 1 .ATN file with 2 actions (for big photos and small)
  • 10 awesome pressure sensitive traditional media simulation photoshop brushes to achieve more realistic look! ( You need them to brush area where action must apply before run the action )
  • 5 Free Textures
  • Quick Guide ( must read before use ).
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CM - 5 Black and White Actions 1974535


Fast, easy, professional
Actions has been created using "Adjustments layers” which gives you the chance to change the values in your own way
Best results with one click
Non-destructive Actions, retaining original image.
You can also combine multiple actions and discover new effects
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CM - BRUNCH FIX - Lightroom Presets 1990188


These professionally made Lightroom Presets work perfectly with food photos taken in almost any lighting situation. Enhance your photos with vibrant yet soft tones with a little hint of matte which is how most food photographers and bloggers like it. This download contains TEN (10) Lightroom presets to fit your preferences.
These presets are personally made by me, a professional events, lifestyle and portrait photographer. Rest assured, these LR presets are mouse-maid with love, and very well taken into consideration the kind of photos that suit to bring out the best look and colors of your photos for your color-correcting process.
These presets work and are compatible on Mac and PC, in Lightroom 4, 5, 6, and CC. These presets will work ONLY with Adobe Lightroom, NOT with any version of Photoshop. These presets are compatible on both JPEG and RAW files. Upon purchase you'll have access to download your digital file/s. Feel free to use my presets on photos for your business. These presets are NOT for reselling even with adjustments! #respect
PS: Although it is normal to apply a few adjustments upon using these presets, to achieve the full effect on your work, make sure that your photos are properly exposed. Enjoy!
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CM - ewMosaic 1990959
CM - ewMosaic 1990959
CM - ewMosaic 1990959
CM - ewMosaic 1990959
CM - ewMosaic 1990959


Created with over 20 years of visual effects and graphics know-how from the author's experience at world class studios Pixar and Aardman Animations: A unique Photoshop extension for creating Roman-style mosaics from photos, artwork and logos. This easy to use, one-click, effect includes 4 different mosaic styles and you can choose to use the natural mosaic colours or keep your source photo colours. The patterns will automatically follow the shapes in your photo without any manual user input. Mosaic tiles are sourced from real historical mosaics.
Compatibility: Mac OSX 10.10+ or Windows 7+ Photoshop CC 2017+ 64 bit only May work on older or 32 bit systems but is untested. 8 GB RAM (memory)+ recommended. 8 GB will allow processing of images up to 1000 x 1000 pixels in size. For images much larger than 1000 x 1000 pixels in size more RAM is required. Works best on images larger than 500 x 500 pixels in size.  Works on 8 bit RGB images.
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CM - Portrait Lightroom Presets and Brush 493328
CM - Portrait Lightroom Presets and Brush 493328
CM - Portrait Lightroom Presets and Brush 493328


Portrait Lightroom Presets and Brushes Professional Retouching Collection allows you to produce your own signature style and create clean and professional edits in a single click! Give your photos a great and unique look without learning a countless photo editing techniques. Now you can fix colors, soften skin, sharpen details and much more, just in a few minutes. Turn your best photos into perfect with BeArt Portrait Perfection Collection for Lightroom.
The Best Portrait Lightroom presets Collection includes 40 stunning Lightroom presets & 10 adjustment brushes to help you create something magical. You are in full control with these presets. It can make your images POP and WOW with less investment of your energy. Save you countless hours of frustration during editing. Develop a very unique personal style of portrait photography with Portrait Perfection Lightroom Presets and brushes.
  • 60 Portrait Retouch Lightroom Presets
  • 10 Portrait Retouch Lightroom Brushes
  • Advanced Portrait Retouching Tools for Pro Photographers
  • Can be Easily Adjusted to Fit Your Images
  • Compatible with Lightroom 4, 5, 6 and All Creative Cloud versions
  • Compatible with Both Mac OS and Windows PC computers
  • Fully Compatible with JPG and RAW Images
  • Detailed Installation Instructions Included
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CM - Modern Film Lightroom presets 984344


Modern Film Collection for Lightroom is a well-balanced pack that provides a well-adjusted range of distinct looks, from contemporary to vintage, vigorous to minimal, and everything in between, which alter grain, richness, and contrast. Carefully designed to be subtle yet effective on every image they are applied to, this collection is perfect for outdoor and lifestyle photography, for portrait and wedding photography, street, nature, landscape, and fashion images.
  • 40 professionally designed Lightroom Presets
  • Compatible with Lightroom 4, Lightroom 5, Lightroom 6, Lightroom CC, CC2014, CC2015
  • Compatible with both a Mac and PC
  • Work on RAW and JPEG images
  • Can be easily adjusted to fit your image
  • Installation Instructions are included
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CM - Fashion Lightroom Presets Collection 123346


Fashion Premium Lightroom Presets are perfect for photographers, graphic designers and fashion bloggers. There presets are professionally designed to give your images a magic and remarkable tone, enabling you to streamline your editing process and enhance your images. Professional photographers and retouchers choose our products, because it's powerful, creative and easy to use.
  • 40 Premium Lightroom Presets
  • Compatible with Lightroom 4, Lightroom 5, Lightroom 6 and all Creative Cloud versions
  • Compatible with both a Mac and PC
  • Work on RAW and JPEG images
  • Can be easily adjusted to fit your image
  • Installation Instructions are included
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CM - Ripply Photoshop Action 1957456
CM - Ripply Photoshop Action 1957456


Save hours of creative work by using this professional photoshop action to create a Ripply effect on your photos. Detailed and creative result with a single click action!
Action Installation
Open Photoshop and open the Actions panel, if you cannot see it by default on the right side of the Photoshop interface, click "Window Actions" to show it.
On the Actions window, click the coner icon on the top right to show a drop-down menu, then click "Load Actions...". Locate the "Ripply.atn" on your filesystem.
"Ripply.atn" wil now appear on your Actions panel.
How to use the Action
Open the photo you wish to apply the action on.
Make sure that the photo layer is locked and set as "Background". Newly opened photos are set as "Background" and locked as default. If the opened photo is not, set it by clicking "Layer New Background from Layer".
Create a new layer on top of of the "Background layer", named it "brush". All letters must be lowercase for the action to work properly.
Select the "brush" layer, then brush the areas of the image you want the effect to be applied.
For the final step, expand the "Ripply" set inside the Actions panel and click the play button.
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CM - Northern Lights - 30 ACR Presets 1955633


This is a collection of 30 ACR-Presets (Adobe Camera RAW) for Adobe Photoshop specially developed for Northern Lights Photography (Aurora Borealis).
This preset bundle consists of 10 base presets with two additional brightness variations each ('Brighter' and 'Brightest') - which makes a total of 30 presets for you to choose from. Each base presets has a different focus and approach - that's why it's best to experiment a little to find the perfect preset for your photo.
The ACR-presets were designed to enhance your landscape and nature photos quickly and easily and each preset has been carefully crafted and tested to work with a wide variety of images. Some presets will result in subtle adjustments and others in more dramatic changes, but all presets are fully adjustable to suit your photography style. Browse through the preview images to convince yourself of the quality and the possibilities.
Every preset is meant as a starting point. You will always have to fine tune some settings – especially the Color Temperature and the Blacks and Whites under the 'Basic' panel.
INSTALLATION: To install ACR-Presets in Photoshop, download and unzip the presets and copy them in the following location:
Open the Explorer and navigate to the path: C:/Users/USERNAME/AppData/Roaming/Adobe/CameraRaw/Settings
Copy and paste only the XML-files into this folder, since folders are NOT supported in Camera Raw.
Open the Finder and navigate to the path: USERNAME/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Camera Raw/Settings
Copy and paste only the XML-files into this folder, since folders are NOT supported in Camera Raw.
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